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How much does it cost? 

There is a standard setup fee of £250 which covers the professional design of your newsletter template and the creation of an account on our system. Then it’s a monthly fee depending on the volume of emails – you can view our pricing here.

How do I sign up?

Email us on info@greenmessage.co.uk or give us a call on 01202 802 205 

How long until I can send my first e-newsletter?

Once we have cleared funds, it can be just 7 days before you have a bespoke template and great content.  Often it’s much quicker than that but turnaround times are obviously dependant on our scheduled work and your availability to approve the campaign.

How does the billing work?

Once initial set up fee has been paid and you’re happy with the look and feel of your newsletter design, we simply charge you for each campaign that goes out, paid in advance when we send it. We can also put together discounted packages, giving up to 50% off our regular costs by buying up multiple campaigns for future use.

How many mailing lists can I create?

You can have an unlimited amount of mailing lists, and can send your newsletters to some or all of them each month.

How large can my mailing lists be?

There is no limit to the size of one or all of your mailing lists.

How do I manage my database? Do you do data cleansing?

Yes we do, we can help you organise your database into segments and manage the bounces and unsubscribes for you.

I’m interested in the stats. What reports can I run?

Lots! Our unique client login platform allows our clients to see a wealth of information such as total and unique opens, total and unique clicks on links, exactly which links are clicked on, bounces, why they bounced and unsubscribes.

What are the benefits of the statistics?

The statistics are updated in real time and show not only who has read your newsletter, but what they clicked on, when and how many times. With this data you can then follow up on these people as you know they already have an interest in your product or service. It can also help you to gauge what type of content is most effective in your newsletters. We also show you exactly who has unsubscribed, bounced or forwarded the newsletter to someone else, and who they forwarded it to.

How do I work with greenmessage to create and send e-newsletters?

First we start by designing a custom e-newsletter template that matches the look and feel of your existing website, print media and/or overall brand image. This is created at the beginning and is only done once unless wish to change the design of the template or create an extra one (at additional cost). The template is designed to accommodate the type and amount of content that will be used in the e-newsletter. After the template is created, it is used for all future mailings.

As far as content, the most common method is that our clients send us the basic text and images in an e-mail or Word document, and then we insert the supplied information into the custom template and carry out the necessary formatting and HTML coding to make your newsletter look professional. We can of course offer professional copywriting if required (at additional cost).

Why should I use greenmessage when I can do it myself with alternative services?

This is a very common question. A lot of companies start off creating their own newsletters in basic e-mail programs, but encounter problems with programming and graphic design needs. Creating a professional newsletter requires detailed knowledge and experience of HTML programming and graphic design to make your newsletter look fantastic.

It can also be a very time consuming task for you, and in most cases, paying our monthly fee is considerably less of an expense than the cost of someone within the office creating and managing the newsletter.

What are auto-responders?

Auto-responders are an excellent method of sending an e-mail to somebody automatically without having to do anything. They can be set up for example if somebody subscribes to your mailing list to send them more detailed information about your business, or latest offers. They can also contain attachments such as fact-sheets or helpful hints and tips, adding value to your offer. These are included in your monthly package with just a small setup fee per one.

Do you provide content for newsletters?

We can offer a bespoke planning and copywriting service if you wish. Or, we can suggest a couple of ideas for your newsletter, but we often find that our clients know what they want to say, they just need us to make it look great and ensure it reaches the intended recipient. We do of course check the content you supply and run the spell checker over it, but do not guarantee to pick up every mistake.

What about proof-reading and correction?

We do offer a proof-reading service for an additional cost, dependant on the quantity of text you require.

Can I get a discount if I want more than one newsletter?

Yes, if you want to run two different campaigns, we will charge you just £150 for the design of a second newsletter, and then 75% of the monthly cost to send it each month.

Can I have a subscription form on my website?

Yes, we can give you some HTML to paste onto your site, which will allow people to enter whatever details you choose, and then it will add them to your database automatically and send you an e-mail to confirm. You can also set up an auto responder (see above) to send them an e-mail when they subscribe.